Know the demand and the market to understand what the right offer is.

Questioning the market, investigating the mechanisms that guide purchasing actions, to know in depth the traits and potential of the consumer as a central figure in the process of creating value for the company.

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strategies and activities

The results of market research are seen as a fundamental support in developing forecasts or diagnoses with respect to consumption practices and the inherent components of these same processes.
With regard to intellectual property and the research in support of legal activities, there is not yet an adequate offer for the specific needs of this type of business.

What impact does a copycat of an iconic product have on the consumer’s choice?

How does the consumer who decides to access the fake market behave?

What is the consumer’s perception when faced with two similar but not identical packages?

Is the consumer always aware that they are facing an illegal activity on the web?

Answering these questions and knowing the mechanisms that guide the consumer in the process of purchase and use, but also their knowledge of the market can be a winning lever for the company and the legal professionals assisting the business.

Ad hoc solutions for specific questions

INDICAM offers a new line of services focused on the systematic collection of data relating to issues related to market consumption practices of different levels of malfeasance.

Context and trends analysis, with a focus on illegal markets and counterfeiting

Analysis of communication and awareness-raising activities to spread the culture of buying original

Customer experience aimed at defining intangible assets and IP rights

Profiling of typical consumers, with analysis of the market and the motivations underlying the consumption process and behavior in illicit markets

Analysis of brand and recognizability, from a value and image point of view, for protection purposes

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