We combine knowledge
and know-how to protect
legal trade

We are committed to fighting counterfeiting and protecting Intellectual Property rights, acting as a connector between industry and law, institutions and consumers.

Since 1987 our goal is to fight against counterfeiting and protect IP rights

Our vision is to arrive at an integrated system that supports companies, facilitating the daily work of those who work to fight counterfeiting and those who protect IP, safeguarding the market and consumers.

Over the years, we have developed extensive know-how that enables the Association to be one of the most trusted stakeholders in the sector today, also at international level.

Protection and enforcement,
our mission

INDICAM acts as a source of information and discussion on IP and the fight against counterfeiting, spreading a culture of buying original.

Liaison with and for the stakeholders of the sector

We are engaged on various fronts with multiple actions to protect IP

We train and inform the various actors of legal trade

We identify trends, effective solutions and innovative techniques to increase the protection of IP assets.




Events per year


Trained officers per year




Market researches supporting IP

Questioning the market, investigating the mechanisms that drive purchasing actions, getting to know in depth the traits and potential of the consumer as a central figure in the process of creating value for the company

INDICAM’s Members


Industrial or commercial companies; owners and/or users of industrial property rights


Aziende industriali o commerciali; titolari e/o utilizzatrici di diritti di proprietà industriale


Aziende industriali o commerciali; titolari e/o utilizzatrici di diritti di proprietà industriale


Business associations in all trade sectors, engaged in micro and macro-economic, legal, social and technological field


Manufacturers and distributors of anti-counterfeiting systems, companies and professionals specialized in tech to combat industrial property rights infringements


Consultancy firms, professionals, law and patent offices, working in the area of intellectual property


Companies and professionals specialising in investigative and logistical services for anti-counterfeiting

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INDICAM represents over 170 companies, associations, professional firms, organisations, all involved in the protection of intellectual property.