The Italian Association
for the protection of intellectual property

Our vision is to arrive at a system which integrates the needs of consumers and institutions.

It will be of fundamental importance for our country and for Italian production not to passively witness the growing attack on industries of excellence.

Mario Peserico

INDICAM President

Juna Shehu

General Director INDICAM

The purpose of the Association is the promotion, organisation and implementation of any initiative aimed at preventing the counterfeiting of industrial property rights and products, including the development and dissemination of technologies to stem any counterfeiting activities. The goal is also to research, study and define the illegal phenomena in consumer sectors (Art. 2 – INDICAM Statute).

Through the study and in-depth examination of the dangers of IP violations, the Association aims to identify trends, solutions and the most effective and innovative techniques to increase awareness and protection of IP rights.

Over the years, an extensive know-how has been developed and has allowed INDICAM to become one of the most accredited stakeholders in the sector, also at the international level.

Who we are

Rita Rippa

Executive & Office Manager

Sara Zannelli

Project & Event Manager

Serena Bernabeo

Project & Event Assistant

Giovanni Gumina

Anticounterfeiting Specialist