INDICAM is a point of reference for companies, institutions, policymakers and law enforcement

The Association’s role in relations with institutions is to provide elements that can lead to effective solutions and improve the dissemination of shared principles in the IP field.


Counterfeiting is an increasingly global, trans-national and articulated market. INDICAM promotes agreements with national and international partners in order to pool their experiences and produce shared guidelines.

Our Parthership

Partnerships often result in joint events, in order to mark important milestones in the sector.

Members of the Committee on Combating Counterfeiting and Italian Sounding (CNALCIS)

Members of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG)

Consultant to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into phenomena of Counterfeiting and Piracy

Partners with the homologous European associations of Unifab (France), Andema (Spain), APM (Germany) and ACG (UK)

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce’s IPR Committee (AmCham)

Members of the European Brands Association (AIM)

Consultant to Confindustria, Confindustria Moda and Camera della Moda

Members of the Together Against Counterfeiting Alliance (TAC)

Members of the Provincial Committee on the fight against counterfeiting of the Chamber of Commerce in Milan

Member of the Working Groups ed Expert Groups EUIPO

Members of the Provincial Committee on the fight against counterfeiting of the Chamber of Commerce in Turin

Partner of IISW (Initiative Innovationskraft Für Sicherheit In Der Wirtschaft)


In 2015 INDICAM signed, thanks to the work of the General Directorate Fight against counterfeiting/Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development, a voluntary agreement between rights holders, represented by INDICAM, and players in online commerce, gathered in the Netcomm Consortium.

This is an agreement whose participation is open to all players in the production and distribution chain operating in Italy, in particular merchants, ecommerce platforms, rights holders, licensees and consumer associations. The Charter aims to develop good practices to combat online counterfeiting, going so far as to address regulatory gaps. Always with a renewed and bigger commitment to act before products are offered for sale Online.