At the front in the battle against counterfeit

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Fighting counterfeit is no less and no more than protecting one's basic rights 

"Bocca della verità" (Truth mouth),
Roman sculpture II century b.C.
The legend says that if somebody puts his hand in the sculpture's mouth while lying, it will bite him.

Every campaign to combat the menace of product and trade-mark counterfeiting in Italy sees INDICAM in action.

What is this menace? And why do the lot of INDICAM members -manufacturers, retailers, industry associations- as well as several branches of Italian Public Administration, devote huge resources to stamping it out?
The simplest answer is that product and trade-mark counterfeiting is an illegal activity closely inter-twined to several other interests of the criminal underworld, from money laundering to drugs, prostitution, children and illegal immigrants work exploitation.
Browsing through the Italian section of our web-site, you will be able to discover what are the specific problems linked to product and trade-mark counterfeiting in Italy and in the word, and what does INDICAM to fight this sneaky and widespread criminal phenomenon, often underestimated by public opinion.
The English section of our web-site will give you a synthesis of our activities, a list of our Members, our links and the means to contact us.



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